Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock

Correction: A few of you were kind enough to point out that below, we were quite wrong to write that UAE-imprisoned Martin Bender’s V1 Composites is NOT the current builder of the RC44.  That’s Pauger Carbon, which just built its 23rd RC44, according to the Pauger Yachts site. It turns out that the Abu Dhabi newspaper “The National” (from which we got the Bender story) also missed some important facts about Martin, including a history of cons and deceit going back at least to his time spent in Vancouver. Maybe the UAE’s somewhat strict justice system ain’t so bad at all? 

Earlier this week we examined some of the things to avoid if you want to stay out of jail when in the UAE watching BMW and Alinghi battle it out for America’s Cup.  You’ll need to add poppy seeds, prescription drugs (even with prescription), and that most dangerous of substances, melatonin to that list.  Seriously – these horrible substances can land you in the slammer in the Emirates, at least according to the BBC.

Bad debt continues to plague many non-Emiratis, sometimes ending in a prison sentence.  One recent casualty is Martin Bender, the owner of the V1 Advanced Composites – builder of the pimpin’est day racer of all,  the  RC-44.  Bender bounced a check for $16 million to a supplier due to what he said was an error by a depositor and was imprisoned – a situation that led to his defaulting on numerous other obligations – those defaults also carrying criminal consequences.  And next thing you know, Bender is facing a life sentence in Dubai Central.  Neither V-1s former PR firm nor Coutts has answered our questions regarding what will become of the RC-44 operation.

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