Little Pain Boxes

Little Pain Boxes

Speaking of regattas and Sailing Anarchy, the J/24 Nationals are going to be held in ‘Frisco September 23-27. SA is one of the sponsors, and the organizers want you J/24 sailors to get up and get down:

Top Ten Reasons to Race in the
2009 J24 Nationals September 23-27, San Francisco Bay


10. Facts is Facts Folks: The J/24 is “The World’s Most Popular One-Design Keelboat” – it says it right there, and boats are competitive & cheap, not unlike many of the bow-chicks.

9. Fresh, Yet Old-School. Everybody on board a J/24 has a job and everybody is important to the team – it’s like t-ball with mixed drinks and way more bruising!

8. Tough Crowd, Honored Alumni: Scott Allen, Vince Brun, Augie Diaz, Neal Fowler, John Kolius, Dave Ullman, Paul Cayard, Dave Curtis, Ed Baird, Ken Read, Ed Adams, and John Kostecki to name a few – although they all got over it, they all raced J/24’s at one time.

7. Combine your visit with other regattas out here: the J/24 Western Regionals Sept. 19-20 – the week before the Nationals, and the J/24 TMC District 20 Invitational Aug. 8-9, and the Big Boat Series Sept. 10-13.

6. Location, Location, Location – the San Francisco Bay Area.  You all know what we are talking about – world class winds, currents, courses and race committees! SF is a top tourist destination for good reason. Bring the family, there is plenty to do. Napa is nearby if you get tired of all the microbrews.

5. The J/24 is Dennis Conner’s least favorite boat – no kidding! That’s gotta count for ashitload among you real anarchists! The dude probably kicks puppies…

4. It’s Not Annapolis. It’s max hike, max back-stay, max twings and max sphincter tension.  Rodeo-ride upwinds and death-roll downwinds!  You’ll get to use you’re your headsails! Racing in San Fran is the real thing people, however winds in September are more likely to be a bit milder than the standard Summer nuclear option.

3. Krazy Kurrents. No kidding here folks. Just when you thought is was safe to go to the lay-line…  Here is where we make an depraved pitch for you all buying us locals lots-n-lots of drinks so that we might share the many mysteries of our fickle flow fields (the old guy says just go right).

2. Amazing Venue and Host Fleet: The San Francisco Yacht Club in Tiburon is in a sweet location and has a top-level Race Committee, guest, and boat launch facilities. San Francisco J24 Fleet 17 manages to be both extremely competitive yet supportive at the same time. We love to help new sailors to get up to speed quickly.

1. The Sponsors – to name a couple early and enthusiastic supporters: SailingAnarchy – they have fondly described the J/24 as “pretty crappy little things” and “little pain boxes” – and the love affair continues with generous support of the 2009 J/24 Nationals at the San Francisco Yacht Club.  GU Energy of Berkeley, CA – are suppliers of pure performance energy to the likes of the ‘08-‘09 PUMA Ocean Racing Team, and are big supporters of J/24 Fleet 17 on SF Bay. They are Nationals sponsors and will also supply dockside optimized sports nutrition to the sailors during the racing.  Not surprisingly we are still eager for more corporate sponsors who can think outside the box and supply cash to support for regatta festivities and product support for sailors. Call us to talk about your priorities ([email protected]). Check out the website at: http://j24nationals2009.com/. Photo by Peter Lyons.