Chicks Dig It

Chicks Dig It

Do you want to see more exposure and growth for racing? Do you think the sport could use some help attracting the younger crowd? If so, then here’s a suggestion: Support the success of hot chicks on sailboats. Here’s your chance, thanks to Danielle Soriano and the new Team Foxsea chicks match racing team.

Hi All!

It has been a whirlwind over the last couple of days! Our training went very well, we met loads of new people, and Mr. Clean did an interview of our team that reached more people than I every thought possible! A little update on our end – we’ve started a facebook group so please join up and show your support of Team Foxsea, and our blog is now live (though obviously a work in progress), and features videos and pictures from our first practice.

As we set forth in our campaign, we will need to have the funds to pay for training/coaching, event entry fees, travel costs (airfare, hotels, etc), not to mention our own boat. So we’re excited to announce that we’ve set the date of our Kickoff Fundraiser for Friday, October 16th at the Island Heights Yacht Club in New Jersey, and we hope you can make it.  It is said that campaigns are made and broken based on funding alone, so in order to make the night a great success, we are searching for items to auction off.  If you, or someone you know, is able to contribute to the auction please let us know. Some ideas we’ve had include ballgame tickets, a ski house rental, a cocktail or sunset cruise, a surfboard or skis, or gift certificates to a local restraurants – but there is no item too great or too small! So be as creative as you like, and thanks in advance.

While monetary support will keep us going physically, it is your verbal/emailed/wall comment support and encouragement that pump us up even more – so THANK YOU so very much for all of the support you’ve shown us already!

Danielle Soriano
Cate Gundlach
Caroline Wright

9/19 – 9/20 Match Race Event @ Chicago Match Race Center (confirmed)
10/7 – 10/10 Women’s Keelboat Championship @ Rochester, NY (confirmed)
10/16  KICKOFF FUNDRAISER @ Island Heights YC, NJ