Pioneers of Anarchy, Part Two

Pioneers of Anarchy, Part Two

By Bruce Niederer aka Epoxymoron  

The result of the long love affair between Meade and Adagio, left, is an impressive race history on the Great Lakes which continues today.  Adagio’s Port Huron-to-Mackinac race finishes: 1998 second, 1999 first, 2000 first, 2002 first, 2003 fifth, 2004 fifth, 2005 first, 2006 first, 2007 fifth, 2008 fifth. Adagio’s Chicago finishes: 1998 first, 2000 first to finish, 2002 first to finish, 2006 first to finish, Reick Trophy, 2008 fifth.  Adagio
Listen to Clean interview Meade and Jan after the 2008 Chicago/Mac race: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mx0Rw_RqXCo

In 1973 they built an Olympic class Tornado catamaran using a unique building method which they called "developed plywood construction." USA sailors David McFaull and Michael Rothwell sailed the boat in the 1976 Olympics and took the Silver medal behind German team.

The Gougeon Brothers also began construction of Golden Dazy in 1973 for Dr. Gerry Murphy from the Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit. Golden Dazy generated a lot of press and won the 1975 Canada’s Cup. She’s still sailing today in upstate New York.

In the mid Seventies the Gougeon Brothers built Class C catamaran designed by the Hubbard Brothers. The boat was named Patient Lady and won the Little America’s Cup in 1977.

I’m sure some of you will remember the fast monohull the Brothers built next: Hot Flash. This Gary Mull design was commissioned in 1976 by the Usnis brothers, also from the Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit.