Robbie and Juliet

Robbie and Juliet

Robbie and Juliet part 2.  (Written by seafaring literary lunatic Ron Shakespeare .No relation to you know who!) Here’s Part I lest you have forgotten.

When we last met young Robbie, he was broaching (I use that word advisedly) with his sailing obsessed father the vexed topic of new romance with young Juliet.  We had learned that Juliet was from that most unenlightened of sub species – the power boaters.  Dad had convinced Robbie to bring young Juliet along for a twilight race the following week. (Anything to keep him from going powerboating!)  We also discovered that Robbie’s mum had drowned in a tragic sailing accident (or was it?) many years earlier.  We rejoin the action on race night.  Robbie has just arrived at the sailing club.

R:  Hi Dad.

D: G’day son, where’s Jane?

R:  It’s Juliet, dad.  She’ll be along later.

D:  Good, that gives me the chance to chat with you about something.

R: What, dad?

D:   This is pretty difficult, son. Your mum has never been around…. I never found time to talk to you about……….now that you’ve got a girlfriend, I feel that I should chat to you about s……Oh, you know!!