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Multi Task

New Zealander Ian Farrier pioneered the modern trailerable trimaran with his patented folding system, and then made them popular with his F-27 design (US Sailboat Hall of Fame). There are now over 3000 Farrier multihulls sailing, their popularity mainly being due to a unique combination of room, high performance, and easy trailerability. Having evolved from over 30 years of development, hands on building, and sailing in rough Down Under conditions, the designs are tough, tested, and well proven.

Farrier developed his initial concepts in Australia, and broke into the US market in the eighties by setting up Corsair Marine to build his F-27 design, followed by the F-24, F-28, and F-31. Farrier separated from Corsair in 2000, and then developed the F-41 and F-44SC cruising catamarans (over 50 sold). He is currently in New Zealand and busy developing two completely new ‘third generation’ trimaran designs, the F-22 and F-32. These began as plan/kit boats (over 200 already sold/building) and are now being developed into full production boats.

They are rather unique and advanced products, and probably why Farrier Marine has a three month order back log, in what are difficult times for many. Farrier is also developing the new F-32SR, his first ever dedicated racing design, and one intended to develop into a full class racer. But the production F-22 remains the main focus, with a low entry price as the target, in order to tempt many of the still majority mono sailors to give a multihull a try. Farrier, whose early sailing was all on monohulls, says once a good modern trimaran has been experienced, it can be very hard to go back.