Media Matters

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Media Matters

With communication technology finally up to the task of making regattas actually viewable to people all over the world and with stake holders finally realizing how essential good PR is to the future of their club/class/fleet, I find myself constantly analyzing what works and what doesn’t, what’s interesting and what’s not, and who does a good job of publicizing their race and who doesn’t. 

I’m not talking about the old school folks that don’t think PR matters, nor all the wizened elders that believe that their only job is to run a good regatta for the folks who show up on the line.  I have neither time nor respect for those people – they will either adapt or die, and hopefully their archaic attitude will die along with them.

In the meantime, the rest of us – organizers, class officers, club staff, sponsors, and media professionals – will continue to raise the bar as we learn how to use the media and internet to best promote what we are interested in, what we are passionate about, and what we love.  Today marks the first in what will be a monthly feature and contest called Media Matters, where we highlight an event for excellence in media and technology use.  Making sure an event is well publicized is not an easy job at all – doing it right means countless hours of writing, phone calls, interviews, web work, and often years of building up relationships with the media, and we want to both recognize the events that do it well, and reward those that make it happen.  In order to remain healthy, all classes and clubs need to grow.  In order to grow, they need to have great events.  And in order to have great events, they need to have the money to make it happen.