race report


Imagine you were at a World Championship and after 5 races you had a score line of 1,2,2,2,2 and you weren’t leading, or 4,3,3,3,3. Amazing really!

Day 3 of the SAP 505 World Champs was another two race day. Conditions were great for sailing. Race 1 started in about 12kn of wind and built to about 18-20kn throughout. It was a long race, but because the conditions were more moderate, suddenly it was a race, everyone was competitive. 50 boats arrived at the top mark together. Finally! This is what a Worlds is all about. Unfortunately, once we turn the corner, our two pace setters bolt. Yes they are quick uphill, but they are even quicker downhill, (I know what and why they are doing as well, but I am not telling. We worked it out about 12 months ago and have been lightning quick downhill since. However, it’s counter intuitive, so the guy I am sailing with at these Worlds won’t believe me and we haven’t been doing it). Nicholson and Smith had a real run at Martin and Nelson and Holt and Smit uphill on the subsequent beats, but got smashed downhill. In the end it was Groundhog Day, Martin/Nelson, Holt/Smit and then Nicholson/Smith.

Same result for race 2. There was an additional beat in this race, but thankfully the race committee reduced the leg length. This time though it was a total domination. Martin/Nelson did 5 tacks the whole race. Two up the first beat and one on each of the three others! I think they like the right!!! It wasn’t even close, a total smashing, thank you Sir may I have another. Martin/Nelson gapped away from the field as did Holt/Smit. There was nothing tactical about it. Get a clear start, roll to the right, hit the lay line and repeat. That’s the problem with a soldier’s course; fastest boat should win every time.

On the “way to play the game front”, Hamlin/Cayard went and got their DSQ re-instated from race 3, after realizing they had actually interfered with the pathfinder. Classy move blokes, much respect! They had already had it thrown out and could have let it lie, especially as it was as I understand, very minor, but wanted to do the right thing.

On the Funkmobile, we scored about what we deserve. Nothing broke; we are just not quick enough. I am sick of getting cold though. I hate the cold at the best of times, but combine it with mid fleet finishes at a Worlds and it just sucks the fun out of you! And that return sail, aaarrrgghhh! It’s funny, Hasso, after his finish drops his sails, his protector comes along side, in they hop, tow rope goes on and there off. Jealous, very, very jealous.

As an aside, after all my sooking, I should point out what a great club St Francis and its people are. They are doing everything possible to make the regatta as good as possible. They have a heap of volunteers and the facilities are amazing. It’s a shame the amount of time spent on the water is taking so much out of everyone. I believe they had to cancel any rest day activities as no one could drag themselves to them. There is a lesson in here somewhere.

Anyway today is the rest day, so I am going back to sleep. jfunk. Photo – E. Simonson/MarineMediaAlliance.