A Rose By Any Other Name

A Rose By Any Other Name

With an over-subscribed total of 66 sportboats registered for what was, until last week, known as the Sailing Anarchy Sportboat World Championship of the World, we are half-pissed and half-proud to announce the new name of our regatta – the International Sportboat Anarchy Festival.

You see, the ISAF actually claims to own the use of “World” in any regatta name via a clause in the Racing Rules of Sailing, and after a number of whining bitches (cough…Craig Leweck..cough) complained to the ISAF about our event’s name, ISAF failed to see the parody and humor in our use of the word “World.” That RRS clause actually allows ISAF to suspend the eligibility of any sailor who “competes in an event that the competitor knew or should have known was a ‘prohibited event.’  A ‘prohibited event’ is one “that is described as a world championship or uses the word "world", either in the title of the event or otherwise, and that is not approved by the ISAF.” 

Removing a sailor’s ability to race is a mighty big hammer, but we suspect that both ISAF and US Sailing know that such a suspension would be laughed out of court if they ever tried to enforce it – so they don’t.  That’s why the clause gives ISAF the power to suspend sailors instead of Yacht Clubs – because when you don’t have the right to do something, you can at least use the fear of the uninformed to make an obstinant organizer suffer. The threat, however impotent, was enough to frighten a couple of our hosts at the Coronado Yacht Club, who asked us to change the name.

So we did. Despite the fact that our regatta’s name was always a joke, intended from the beginning to focus on the non-grand prix nature of what will surely be the most fun weekend regatta in the US this year, we capitulated.  In the interest of keeping a good relationship with the CYC and in the interest of the 300+ sailors from the US, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, and China who are coming to San Diego’s South Bay next month, we swallowed our pride and thought up something new.  We hope you like the name, because you are sure as hell going to like the regatta. We truly wanted to take on ISAF/US Ailing (especially US Ailing) on this, but we’ll save that for the next big SA regatta, which indeed will include the word ‘world’ in it – like five times.

It must be noted that ISAF finally went around our backs and straight to CYC to apply the pressure, not even bothering to include us in the communication. And we’re supposed to have some sort of reverence for a ‘governing body’ that behaves like that? Sure we do.

And here’s a thought:  Maybe the people running ISAF and the punks who are so pissed about the lingering death of their own events that they call to complain about ours should quit wasting time on bullshit like this. Maybe they should take the time they waste on idiotic rules issues and spend it coming up with their own new events.  Hell, maybe they should even try to understand why we are able to attract 66 sportboats – the largest mixed sportboat racing in US history – to a brand new event during the biggest recession in 3/4 of a century. But they won’t – they just front their tired bullshit and wonder why anyone would come to SA, let alone to our event.

The answer is simple – because everyone knows it will be fun as hell.  And isn’t that what sailing is supposed to be all about?

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