Anarchist interest reached a fever pitch today as thousands of readers pressing “refresh” nearly shut down the forums as they waited for the verdict in the Bismarck Dinius trial. We’ve been following this one for a long, long time, and we are incredibly happy that a Clear Lake, California jury today cleared Bismarck Dinius of charges relating to the 2006 death of Lynn Thornton! Seven hours worth of spirited deliberations were largely the result of one holdout on the jury who refused to acquit Dinius on the simple BUI charge, and the judge declared a mistrial on that count.  There is almost no chance of Lake County retrying Dinius on this charge.

This verdict is a clear smackdown of Lake County DA Jon Hopkins, and information revealed during testimony indicates not only that murderous driver Russell Perdock perjured himself and may be involved in a larger conspiracy to hide or falsify information about this and other cases, but that Hopkins may be complicit as well.

The number of people who have worked to maintain the huge public pressure on this case is immense, and a great example of different interests uniting for a common cause. First, the media:  Dan Noyes from KGO-TV has been a bulldog, Elizabeth Larson at Lake County News has also been dogged in her pursuit of the case, and Latitude 38 has done a great service in breaking the news of the case to the general sailing community more than two years ago.  Also a huge congratulations to lead counsel Victor Haltom, a sole practitioner who dedicated his life to this case, doing the long and hard research needed to masterfully shred the prosecution’s case to ribbons, and to the Northern California Innocence Project, which scores another victory for justice. Here is the latest news story and video on the verdict.

We spoke to Haltom today just after the verdict was handed down. Here’s a short SA Innverview with the victorious lawyer: