Double Damned

Double Damned

They don’t just race crazy-ass dinghies on the Gorge. they also race crazy-ass "big" boats too. This Moore 24 had some issues, and it got pretty bad, but ya gotta love the ending! Pacific Fog delivered these killer shots. Here’s some on board words and video:

The 2009 Double Damned Race was an epic adventure which saw 9 Moore’s and 3 also rans (an Open 5.7, a Laser sb3, and a C&C 27?) Starting off at Cascade Locks the wind was a solid 15 and built steadily over the 4 hour race, topping off over 40 knots near the end of the course at Doug’s Beach.

Conditions were ideal for good ol’ fashioned Moore 24 Rippin, with speeds reaching the high teens despite 2-3 knots of adverse current. Single digit wipeouts recorded on Mooretician – 3 down, 5 up, without anything breaking – although there was a phantom part found in the cockpit after a gnarly wipeout, we couldn’t figure out what it belonged to?

Morgan Larson’s Bruzer showed the way and lopped 25 minutes off last year’s record, finishing the 40 mile course in 3 hours and 53 minutes. Moore’s took the top 8 spots showing yet again that these little speedsters are the best bang for your buck. I took some video of the tamer sections (35 knots), wish i could have captured the wilder and wetter parts (lots of water across the deck, bathtub cockpit) but just too tough to multitask.