By George


By George

San Diego homeboy George Szabo has continued the tradition of Star World Champions coming out of Mark Reynold’s Quantum loft (Sobstad back in the day). Not only did Mark win two titles, but so did Joe Londrigan in 1993. Now ad George to the list!

SA: You’ve just joined an impressive list of folks who have won the Star Worlds. How remote did that possibility seem when you started off the regatta with a 54th place?

GS: I wasn’t really focused on that at the time. I knew that we had speed, but that first race we got the current all wrong. We went right every beat, and even with the wind shifting right the left was paying. We had a long conversation on the way in discussing how we were sailing together, our communication, and numerous other things. It was a tough talk, but it set the tone for the week. Coming out with a win in race two, I knew that we could climb back, but I was not certain just how far. So every day from there we just worked to get off the line well, get a good lane and stay out of trouble. It wasn’t easy. On the dock after day two, Rick Burges was sure to remind us how I’ve won regattas before starting out with an OCS.

SA: How did you win this event?