Bora the Conqueror

Bora the Conqueror

I’ve already warned Bora Gulari not to read SA until the 2009 CST International Moth World Championship is over – he’s looser than I’ve ever seen him at a major events, and it shows – no one is as fast as he is on the race course, and he may be the first US resident to win a Moth Worlds in a long, long time.  But there’s a problem; Aussie skiff sailor Nathan Outteridge.  As a few mothies said, “Nathan is in the right place almost all the time.”  He’s fast, consistent, and conservative, but as we saw in this video of the final run of race 7, he cannot hold Bora back if there is any breeze at all – only Gulari can do that.  Outteridge has a two-point cushion going into race 8, but remember that Gulari capsized twice so far; both times with solid leads near the end of a race.

Bora is Mach 2 and considers Amac a mentor.  Outteridge is part of the Bladerider factory team, and works with Rohan.  Bora’s sailing with a CST rig and KA sail, while Outteridge has a North Sails and CST Nano Spars 6 mast and boom.  And they finished tied at Nationals last week, with the drop giving the Aussie the US title by a couple of points (unlike the dumbass Aussie Moth Association, which refused to recognize US sailors in official standings at their Nationals last year).

Meanwhile, the rest of the best includes Scott Babbage, Simon Payne, Rohan Veal, and Arnaud Psarofaghis.  The light Babbage and Payne took a 1-2 in the lighter first race today, while Veal is alway there to pounce, but all these lighter sailors seem to lack the top gear of the more powerfully built Gulari, Outteridge, and Psarofaghis.  In 10 knots, the lighter sailors start to suffer, and we haven’t seen too much below that in the Gorge.  Here are the full results.

Tomorrow is a lay day, but you can spend it watching the full events of the first two days of Worlds unfold in video, pictures, and text along with videos from local TV stations and action sports producers, and pics and links from Sean Trew and Thierry Martinez, right here in the Day 1 and 2 On-The-Water Anarchy thread, brought to you by Mach 2 Boats and Point Loma Outfitting.   These pics from Meredith Block/Blocksail.com.

Don’t forget to tune back in Thursday, when we’ll try to stay live the entire day, shooting from the roof of a building in Stevenson, WA with a fat ethernet, thanks to Saw.net.  – Mr. Clean.