Under the Gun

Under the Gun

The Bismarck Dinius trial is still moving along, with the killer himself, Lake County Deputy Sheriff Russell Perdock, taking the stand today.  Here’s a Courtroom Anarchy report from “Night Hawk”:

Hi All,

Just got in from court today. Thought you might like a update as to the visual aspect of today’s hearing. Larson I’m sure will report all that went on and you can read it from her. Or from topix once ( AS THE DA TURNS) writes her version.

It was a packed house. Not to many Perdock supporters except of course his girlfriend Tammy and her l’il side kick. They sat right in front of Dan Noyes which was a mistake lol. We reported to Dan that she has been texting all throughout the hearing. Then Haltom was told. Dan twittered about it, and no sooner he did she left. Unfortunately only to return when Perdock came in to testify.

Ok, Perdock’s attitude was cocky, smug and that as if no one could touch him, during Haltom’s questioning. The jury was alerted during Haltoms questioning, eyes fixated on Perdock. When it came time for Hopkins to cross, they looked like they could careless about what questions Hopkins was asking and pretty much had their minds made up. I think that’s a good thing eh!

Hopkins started whining again when Perdock was asked the question regarding if he likes speed. Perdock gave a weird look on his face like , What are you kidding me, and proceeded to answer NO. It was at that point that gasps of air came from every direction and comments were snicker and spoken. Hopkins whined to the Judge and the Judge asked the bailiff to keep his eyes and ears open for this and remove anyone from court that he found doing so.

Truth is, we all thought this day would be full of fireworks, or at least we were hoping they would be, but they weren’t.

We also thought that the questioning would go on longer than it did, but it didn’t. Haltom hit on some key points which were good. The Judge has reserved Haltom’s right to bring Perdock back into the court room for further questioning. Which we are thinking he will be doing. Perdock’s ex-wife Donna will be testifying tomorrow.

Its been a long day and I need to make myself a nice cool cocktail. Its 97 here and its been a long day. If I remember anything of real importance or you have any questions just ask, and I will try to answer them for you.


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