Alinghi may think they are winning the PR battle right now, with the Hollywood style pop star lake parade and flying the cat over the alps, which we must admit was pretty spectacular, but BOR has struck back. Tuesday, there’s a big party in Dago, so make sure you get your asses along to show our team we support them. On top of that, BOR has released a bunch of photos from the great Giles Martin-Raget, under the heading “Pushing the beast” and that’s exactly what they are doing, so check more of them out here.

The other side of the coin is that tomorrow is court time again and anarchist dontrocktheboat seems to think our team is in for trouble. Among a ton of cryptic posts on AC Anarchy he claims “GGYC are clearly backed in their attempts at obfuscation by the state. Grounds for summary DSQ!”  Hot accusation there, whaddya make of it? Have your say on the SA thread.