Common Good

Common Good

From our friends at the Commonwealth Cup. C’mon, who doesn’t want to go to Kentucky!!??

Plan to trailer, sail, or motor your sailboat from points afar to enter the fastest growing regatta east of the Mississippi.  Last year, the regatta grew by 40%.  This year, the Commonwealth Cup has been expanded to include not only great parties, but an extra day of  fantastic sailing opportunities, whether you like distance races or buoy races. You can reach Kentucky Lake by water from the Gulf of Mexico or from the Great Lakes.  Kentucky Lake is a well known venue for distance races.  The lake averages 2 miles wide and 184 miles long.   Saturday’s event is a distance race, while on Sunday, a Colonel’s Revenge Race will consist of a buoy race, for those who have adequately recovered.  The parties will be held at Green Turtle Bay Resort and Marina and at Commonwealth Yacht Club.  Captains, bring your entire crew for a great time. Here’s the scoop:

Friday evening – Pre-race Party and Registration
Saturday morning – Distance Race on Kentucky Lake
Saturday night – Post Cup race party
Sunday morning – Colonel’s Revenge Race (buoy race)

There will be several fleets for your racing enjoyment.  PHRF A,B,C, & D, multihull, as well as any One Design fleets with 5 entries or more will compete for some outstanding trophies.  In addition, for those of you who lean toward the cruising side of life, there will be a Cruiser fleet, of which the participants will vie for winnings such as wine baskets and the like.  To top it off, there is a team competition.  Currently Lighthouse Landing of Grand Rivers, KY holds the Team traveling trophy.  Bring your team and compete for the title of Commonwealth Cup Team Challenge Winner. Last year, there were 14 teams from 7 states.  Bring your best team and challenge the defender of the cup.   

I know you will want to learn more about this opportunity to sail in the Commonwealth Cup Regatta.  Please visit our website or go to the Commonwealth Yacht Club site for more information.  If you prefer to talk with our race director, you may call 270-227-3727 or the Commonwealth Cup Fleet Captain, Eddie Beeny at 270-584-3535.  You may arrange for dockage at Green Turtle Bay, Lighthouse Landing, Kentucky Dam Marina, or Ken Lake Marina.  Please see the Grand Rivers Tourism website www.grandrivers.com, or the Marshall County Tourism Commission for accommodations.    

Hope to see you there!!!!