No Go

race report

No Go

The Australian Star boat team of Paul McKenzie and Phil Toth file this report from the Star Worlds..

NO WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bugger…we did not get to go sailing today and now the race committee wants us out on the course an hour earlier tomorrow so they can try and fit in 2 races. With courses that are double windward leeward and an upwind finish at the top mark and each leg is about 2 miles or more, each race is about 3 hours long in the light 6-8 kts of wind. The local forecast does not look good for tomorrow with even less wind predicted than there was today. On the up side today the Star class celebrates its 100th anniversary with a massive feast and a pig roasted on a spit that fed the hungry sailors and regatta volunteers. Hopefully tomorrow defies the forecasters and gives us a bit of wind to go racing.

Till then…
Phil Toth
AUS 8107