Rule the Rules


Rule the Rules

We are running our rules contest to come up with new rules – first place gets a speedpuck from contest sponsor Velocitek. Here’s one entry – we like it. Got a funny or derious idea for new, simple racing rules? Send ’em in,

I have been involved two forms of racing since my early 20’s, (I’m 54) motocross and sailing, and have now witnessed the wimpification of both. I also play competitive golf, that is I play one on one or partners for money. I will now, as briefly as possible, reflect on my observations before I make a recommendation.

Rules are an objective set of criterion that defines a sport. At the completion of a sporting event the winner, after following the rules, is self evident. Motocross, in its true form, has the simplest rules. Start the race evenly, piloting machines of equal displacement. The first across the finish line after completing a predetermined number of laps wins.-sport. In Freestyle Motocross, after all the riders have completed there runs, you don’t who won until a panel of judges tells you. Like ice skating, gymnastics, surfing, ext.,ext. This is athletic art.

Sailing, after the rules change, has gone from being a sport, like golf, the rules were self enforced, to a free-for-all, requiring the subjective opinion of on the water judges ruling on rules that are so vague the competitor is unable to truthfully understand them.


1. Shitcan US Sailing and there rules. they do not own the sport.

2. Class by class, event by event, go back to the Vanderbilt rules. This will be a good starting point. In time, as the renegades and anarchists coalesce into an organization that will be a steward of our sport, not the owners, they can be modified in logical small steps.

Paul Renfro
owner of i550 hull 225