Heaven Can Wait – In Comfort


Heaven Can Wait – In Comfort

You might not know the story of Shaun Lewicki, aka Heaven Can Wait, but in a community full of inspiring people, he’s one of the most amazing. Here’s a post he wrote the other day, and here’s the thread.

Those that know my story understand that I’ve had a pretty crap time beating Cancer and all the complications that the disease has thrown at me since I was diagnosed.

Now over the past 4 years I’ve started – and promptly Froze – but finished each Heaven Can Wait 24-hour that we’ve held, however each time I’ve faired just that little bit worse than the previous year before due to my body’s wonky thermometer. As we count down to the 2009 edition of the great race, I really didn’t know how I was going to drag my body through another night Freezing again.

Enter the Ed and Atlantis Weathergear.

Over the past few years I’ve searched high and low for a set of pants that would try and keep me warm, I finally had no option but to go with a plastic pair that were pretty much useless – sure they kept the rain out, but I ended up soaked anyway from sweat until they finally tore in the early hours of the morning.

Putting my own self consciousness aside, I pretty much came to the conclusion that no one makes any type of Wet Weather gear that would fit my mangled, disproportioned frame and resigned myself to fact that I’d have to get something custom made, an option I unfortunately just couldn’t afford.

I can’t remember exactly how the conversation started with the Ed, but pretty soon we were discussing sizes and a maybe we can get something sorted was the final word. Atlantis Weathergear warmed to the challenge and just yesterday morning, a brand new pair of Hi top Pants found it’s way to my front door.

And the buggers fit perfectly. Unbelievable.

Thank you Ed most sincerely for all of your help, I’m certainly humbled by your faith in what I’m trying to do and what I have done till now, but mostly a massive thank you to Mr. Lynn at Atlantis Weathergear for taking up the challenge in getting something to fit me. I warned The Ed that I’d sing his praises publicly, and on SA’s main sailing page is where this fits.

Thank you Gentlemen for giving me the opportunity to participate with confidence again for the Race and the sport I love. I’m sure this year I’ll at last be toasty, which I know shall be a huge relief to my crew, who were pretty concerned about me after last year.

Again, thank you – this place ROCKS, especially for this Aussie on the other side of the World.