Guide Dogged

Guide Dogged

A more balanced view in response to Sister Clean’s article earlier this week…

Rare that I get worked up about something to try and write about it, but the front page rant about Hayling Island that claimed to be a Field Guide to UK sailing clubs irritated me to the point that I tried to write something better. So here you go: A partial guide to UK and US club types. Im sure there’s plenty more that could be added by those more in the know about their areas.

First, the field guide to the UK club types:

The Royal Blue Blazer clubs – posh and scary. So scary I’ve almost never gone to one. On the rare occasions I have been near or in one its been a weird combination of polite and helpful with an undercurrent of ‘we may ask you to leave any time’. Not really places I’d choose to hang out no matter how good the facilities. Not really a big problem for me through as these are definitely yacht clubs, not dinghy clubs and anyway the nearest club like this has to be a few hundred miles away.