The Best 30?

race report

The Best 30?

The Farr 30 class has a new Great Lakes Champion with Geoff Brown and his Mummy team dominating the 6 boat class.

After 5 races at the Level regatta in Youngstown, NY, Mummy was 8 points ahead of the nearest competitor with Chuck Wright on Uprising in 2nd Place followed by Kevin Brown on Notorious in 3rd. Mummy was back to the 3rd place World Championship form by blowing away the fleet. Conditions for the 2 days were absolutely perfect with 10-13 knots out of the Southwest on Saturday and 17-25 knots on Sunday. The 3rd race on Sunday was cancelled b/c mother nature was really starting to show her teeth and all of the teams had to head back home.

The vast majority of the racing was extremely tight with the 6 boat fleet hitting the top marks of the 1.5km 4 leg courses within 15-60 seconds of each other. Race #3 on day 1 provided the best action when the fleet split, Notorious went left, Mummy went right, and the remaining 4 boats went up the middle all to arrive at the top mark together. Mummy was able to pull away on the downwind finish to take first followed by Uprising and Notorious. 4th-6th place was determined by less than 2 boat lengths with everyone flying down the course pushing 9-11 knots of boat speed.

There is no doubt in my mind after this regatta that the Farr 30 is one of the best 30 footers around and the talent level of the programs is top notch. There was no room for error at all in this regatta especially with a handful of boats having some of the best pros around on board. One missed gybe or poor start and you are done. Based on the number of people checking the boats out at dockside, I know some other folks were impressed also.

Overall the regatta was a great success. There were over 180 keel boats from many classes. The RC work on our course was top notch and the whole set up dockside was great.

Much has been said on many threads recently about how a good regatta should be run. Let me tell you about this one. Picture a small town on the water with no hotels/motels, or condos. What do you do? Pack your tent and set up camp in many of the village parks because the city encourages it. They even cater to it by having plenty of clean porta potties because you are pissing so much b/c of the ridiculous amount of cheap booze. They had a semi trailer with numerous beer selections and Mt Gay bar that never stopped serving $3 drinks. All of this was organized and managed by a crew of 400+ volunteers and all for a modest entry fee of $140.00 for big boats that included mast stepping, splashing, and hauling. Top that off by encouraging the non-sailing public to come down and join the party and it was quite a scene. Needless to say, we will be back next year.

The photo credit goes to Anarchist Pai and is of Notorious. She probably would have taken more, but she was too busy winning.