Leave it Alone

Leave it Alone

From the “shit you should know but don’t file” comes this public service announcement about EPIRB maintenance:

Last night I was messing around on the boat, doing some of the thousands of jobs you do before an offshore race. (Brisbane to Keppel bay next weekend.)  You know what I mean: Tape this, stow that, check this…I re-checked the EPIRB and noticed some mould growing on it. Took it out of its bracket, sprayed some ‘exit mould’ on it and put it on the chart table to let it soak in. Started looking at the HF when I heard a beep and a strobe flashed.

The fucking thing went off.

Yes the ‘Exit mould’ had set of my 406 EPIRB! The seal wasn’t broken, the switch was not in the on position, but the fucking thing was transmitting.

With visions of war ships and helicopters getting underway I looked at it in disbelief. How could this be? Read on.