Dream Weaver


Dream Weaver

Our newest Anarchist celebrity Katie Burns submits this week’s Sailor Chick of the Week:

I wanted to submit a SCOTW about a girl I raced against last weekend. Regan Edwards Weaver [daughter of longtime Anarchists John and Linda Edwards and wife of ex-Mascalzone Latino chief Tom Weaver -Ed], drove the Farr 30 Rhumb Punch in the Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge out of Solomons Island, MD (and she pressed on us like hell!). In one race, she even crossed the finish line ahead of us, which is pretty impressive against the much faster Wairere. To say the least, we were damned impressed with this chick’s skillz. She scored a 1st daily for our fleet on the 3rd day, and a 3rd Overall behind Pete Hunter’s Wairere and Sandford & Alex Richardson’s Kahuna, beating the rest of the Farr 30’s at the same time. She told me that she has been racing against Wairere for a while now, and this was the first time she can think of where she actually beat us in a race. Although it never feels great to get beat boat-for-boat across a finish line against a slower boat, it should at least be someone as cool as Regan to occasionally dish out a can of whoop-ass on us. At least, I personally couldn’t be too bitter about it.

Good on you, Regan, and great job at Screwpile.  Keep it up!  Pic courtesy of Allen Clark
Photoboat with a few more here.