All Over?

All Over?

Update: Maybe not so fast. with a 4-5 today and  and 1-2 by Matador, ETNZ’s big lead is now down to one point,,,

Looks like the rest of the teams in the Audi Med Cup may as well retire now and hand the trophy to ETNZ, who took three out of three today. The rest had brave words to say, but it doesn’t look like they have a chance. Some quotes;

Paul Cayard, tactician Artemis: “We were going well and even when we had troubles we were passing boats. In every case it’s a good sign to be passing boats.”

Francesco Mongelli, navigator Synergy: “It was a good day for us. We made a small mistake in the end that in any other fleet would have not made much difference, it was nothing, but we are happy with the day. At the end we did a good race and all the crew must be happy with how we are going.” Pic from Ian Roman and more here.