And the Saga Continues…

ac dope

And the Saga Continues…

It is a gray and wet day here in NYC, which provides a nice backdrop for the mood of at least one of the contestants in today’s round of  “Battle of the Billionaires”.  But given the results, I am not quite certain which side is in the better mood.

For those of you that might have tuned out the on-going drama of the 33rd America’s Cup, the most recent events have involved GGYC hauling SNG back to court in their second claim that SNG was in contempt of court.  This time the issue revolved around the recently unveiled Cheesezilla Catamaran, with its rumored water ballast and the obvious use of engine power to control various bits and pieces of the boat as well as recently disclosed “secret” negotiations between SNG and ISAF.  SNG swiftly responded with their own claims that GGYC was remiss in supplying the CHR, and before you knew it all the parties (plus a couple of Anarchists) were camped out in Judge Shirley Kornreich’s courtroom, more specifically room 418 and part 54 at 60 Centre Street.  Just in case any of you want to come to future editions, make sure you leave a good 15 minutes to get through the security down stairs in the lobby.

The Judge got the proceedings started on time, and kept things moving along quickly.  The highlights were: