World Domination?

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World Domination?

There are a number of issues with ISAF/US Sailing that are soon to be enormous stories, and this post by dirkdigler has raised one of them.

From the ISAF 2009 Regulations.

  • 18.15.1 Ownership

    The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) is the first owner of all media rights of any
    event using The Racing Rules of Sailing.
    As detailed in Regulation 16.4, media rights in respect of the Olympic Sailing Competition
    are the property of the International Olympic Committee and all monies derived from these
    rights allocated to the ISAF is the property of the Federation.


I read the rule above and I was shocked! I can’t believe they claim to own all media rights from all events using the RRS.
Perhaps I’m interpreting it incorrectly?

Who do they think they are, the federal government? This is actually quite a threat to global intellectual property rights if a governing body of a sport can claim to own all rights to every event.

I think U.S. Sailing and all it’s members should immediately cease participation in every ISAF sponsored events until they change this socialist ruling. Comments?