As you know, we’ve been closely following the travesty in Clear Lake, so we were appalled to see the latest from Lake County District Attorney Jon Hopkins – who is doing his best to not only derail justice, but make sure that everyone knows just how biased and corrupt he is. Below is his ‘open letter’ explaining his sorry ass reasoning. The good news is that he was smacked down by a fellow attorney in a pointed and detailed response. Thanks very much to the Lake County News.

From the DA: When I recently took over the prosecution of the case involving the collision between a sailboat and a motorboat in 2006 on Clear Lake, I was asking the question: Why do so many people support drunken sailors on the lake at night with their running lights off? It was very disturbing to find out the answer to that question, because it appears people are believing the information out there in the media that is wrong, false and misleading. That is disturbing enough on its own, but even more disturbing is that people have made up their minds based on that information and are not waiting to hear what evidence is presented in court.

The key thing for people to remember in this case is that the evidence in a criminal case is not what others repeat and what the media puts out or what the “Spin Doctor’s” have to say; it is what is testified to in court in front of the jury. Once both sides of the case have had a chance to question the witnesses, the facts often change. It is important to keep an open mind and wait to see what the evidence turns out to be. Read on

Response: This is in response to your "Open Letter" regarding the prosecution of Bismark Dinius, posted and available to the public on the Lake County website as of Friday, July 17 . In that letter you claim to take your "responsibilities as District Attorney seriously." You claim to believe "in a system of justice that does not presume people to be guilty." You claim to "work tirelessly to find the truth." Let’s examine those claims.

The very first sentence of your letter asks "Why do so many people support drunken sailors on the lake at night with their running lights off?" Near the end of your letter you assert that Chief Deputy Perdock collided "with a sailboat operated by drunken sailors at night without their running lights." So much for the presumption of innocence. Read on.