Gotta Pay For That AC Somehow…

Gotta Pay For That AC Somehow…

Software giant Oracle has increased prices by a full 40% for some products. Specifically, the diagnostics and tuning packs for enterprise database management have swelled to $5,000 since December. The Spatial database also went up from $11,500 to $17,500.

No company spokesman has yet commented to ReadWriteWeb or other sources, and the full reasoning behind the price hike remains unexplained, officially anyway. Unofficially, it’s clear that Oracle is looking to its most high-end products to raise the bottom line during lean times.

The last data sheet to show the lower price points is from December 2008, and current prices available are displaying the increase. However, it’s still unclear exactly when the bump occurred.

The packs affected by the price increase are for monitoring and compliance of some of the largest and most high-value databases in the enterprise, and are used by administrators looking to find and deal with trouble spots. For especially high-risk industries like health care and banking, not using the packs for dealing with compliance issues and other mission critical activities is not realistically an option.

While these lists are more a starting point for negotiations than a firm offer, the significant increase in asking price is still makes a big impact on what customers end up paying. Thanks to ReadWrite Enterprise.