Living It!

Living It!

We have a winner of the Quantum Sails Live the Dream contest and of course it is an anarchist! What, you were expecting something else? The winner is katie Burns, otherwise known by her SA handle Big cup Katie. Let’s see that printed in yachting Magazine! Here is here response and a big thanks to our community for once again proving to be the most creative, energetic and active bunch of sailors anywhere, and to Quantum for putting this together. Oh are there going to be some stories from Portugal!

Dear World,

I am beyond stoked right now. I’M GOING TO PORTUGAL!!! I imagine that sailing with the Quantum TP52 team in the 4th leg of the Audi MedCup is going to be kind of like my first "combat landing" into Iraq, but way cooler. See, when you’re on a giant cargo transport plane flying in the middle of the night into a war zone and it literally falls flat out of the sky to land in a "safe" zone, you get this shocking adrenaline rush and a huge smile on your face because you know that at that moment in your life, you are IN IT. You know that there will be few moments in the rest of your life that will ever match the same intensity of falling out of the sky wearing half of your body weight in gear and weaponry. You don’t know what is going to happen when that plane hits the ground or what will be waiting for you when it’s hatch drops down, all you know is that RIGHT NOW, specifically THIS moment, is the most exciting moment you have ever lived. I’m thinking that it’s about time I live another one of those moments!

Thank you to everyone who supported me through this contest and through my Army career. That was a fast 6 years! Much love to the 2-224th Aviation Battalion, the outpour of support from the sailing community, the other contest finalists (all great stories!!), my family, and my Wairere crew. Sail fast! Jump in the thread.

Many happy returns,