PR, Man

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PR, Man

We liked this post in our AC Anarchy forum from BMW/Oracle’s Tom Ehman. Somehow we don’t see Alinghi’s PR bitch joining in the fun….

Hello all,

Beaut day here in San Diego. Nice to have so many people interested in the goings on here at our Team Base. No reason to be shy! When we saw that HHN92 had someone helping him live blog from the Crab Shack, Jane Eagleson and I went over to see who it was, and invite him into the Base….

But when he saw us coming his way, he quickly walked away….

Unlike Mr Bayshots who happily posed for a pic (I asked him to turn his boat so we could give him a bit of exposure for his company….

Last evening Da-Woody came by and we got a couple of nice shots of him from Johnny Burnham’s power boat, and emailed them to an Anarchist to post for fun. Dennis, as always, was warm and friendly. We helped maneuver him in closer to the BOR 90. Hopefully he got some good shots. (Also thought it might be nice for our guys to see the rather attractive companion Dennis had with him.)

Unlike other teams who chase people away, we welcome the interest and attention as long as you are respectful and operate your boats (and cameras) at a safe distance.

If HHN92 wants to phone his friend and tell him to come around to the Convention Center side of our base, and ask our security man Alan to find me, will gladly give HHN92’s communicant an up close and personal look around, assuming I am not otherwise tied up. Jump in the thread.

Regards to you all.