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Perhaps when it comes to the two super babies doing their best to obliterate the AC, nothing says it better than this post by sledracer. Join in the fun

[schoolboy #1] "Hey, if you want to fight, come get me"

[schoolboy #2] "OK, when?"
[schoolboy #1] "I’m not telling you"

[schoolboy #2] "where?"
[schoolboy #1] "I’m not telling you that, either"

[schoolboy #2] "bare fists? sticks? rocks?"
[schoolboy #1] "I’m definitely not telling you that"

[schoolboy #2] "I heard you hired some bullies to help you"
[schoolboy #1] "that’s none of your business"

[schoolboy #2] "this is complete crap. You’re a loon"
[schoolboy #1] "hey, everyone, look at the big chicken! He’s scared to fight me!!!"

what a douche. And BB/MM/BO are used douche-rags.