Reflections II

on board

Reflections II

The final thoughts on Transpac from Jeff Thorpe, the sailing god on Criminal Mischief…

First off no matter how prepared you are things always seem to break down, on the day of my last report from the boat we fried the mother board on our boat lap top, and then we fried the second lap tops mother board in the same day …. Which we think was cause by a short in the power supply, which left us with only the boat GPS which did not have a chart plotter on it, for some reason the day before the race I bought a hand held GPS with a small chart plotter on it – this turned out to be our navigation software for the last 2.5 days. Its amazing how much we depend on our Expedition software (and SA advertiser)  – its our life line for making sound tactical decisions  

So with out out our weather faxes or grib files or our routing software we pressed on with our old weather grib files & weather faxes and learning how to use this new Hand held gps… Our game plan was to favor the right side of the course with a waypoint set off the tip of Molokai and to exit all squalls on the right side has they seemed to be moving from  our stb hip so we didn’t want to get stuck behind one, as we had plenty of wind and quite frankly didn’t need any more, or the risk of no wind behind them…even with us extending out to the west we ended up gybing too early and ending up hitting the Islands just above Maui. Note: even when you are over standing your waypoint by 30 degrees it seems that you end up gybing on bad angles for the last 200 hundred miles upwind of the finish…

We had a great late afternoon ride down the face of Molokai in 20 to 25 knots and 23 to 30 in the channel great sailing!!!! The wind died down to about 10 to 15 coming down past Makapu’u point and we finish at 6:17 in the evening.

Our crew was

  • Owner Chip Megeath
  • Navigator Jeff Thorpe
  • Watch Captain Campbell Rivers
  • Watch Captain Patrick Whitmarsh
  • Robin Jeffers
  • Ty Reed
  • Mo Gutenkust
  • Cameron Beihl
  • Joe Penrod

It was a great last 5 days of the race great wind and sailing, unfortunately we drew the wrong start day maybe next time will we get the good start day.

Criminals out