Reflections III

Reflections III

The latest from Kenny Read and an interesting post VOR reflection…

It is a struggle even turning on this computer right now. My body was run down and the only thing that I am having success in concentrating on is harbor cruising on my power boat and golf. I can report that a two year around the world sailing campaign is not good for one’s golf game!!!

I’m back in Newport and lying low in general. Regattas are going on all around us and there is nothing I would rather not do than sail right now. Casey went out on the Rambler last weekend and reported that it was interesting. Craig Satterthwaite did the Transpac. I think everyone else is laying low too- well deserved I might add.

il mostro made it back to Stockholm where it is resting as well. A nice power sail back- very low stress. The boat is put away for a bit waiting for the next stage, whatever that may be.

Personally, I used a few frequent flier miles and my family and I went to Moscow for a couple days then flew home to Boston. I caught myself staring out the window of the plane many times looking down at the vast ocean, thinking how nice it was flying at 500 knots sipping a nice glass of red wine versus what we had done for the previous months. I looked hard for our snapped off dagger board from the delivery to Alicante and of course our broken rudder from the leg to Galway. I didn’t see either. Nor did I see the fog bank that nearly had us plowing into a whale or the waves that had us surfing to 40 knots. The memories just kept pouring in. I couldn’t stop looking out the window. I do have to admit, I almost missed it then I called for the stewardess and asked for another glass of red wine and snapped out of my dream. Delta flight 31 from Moscow was the right place to be at that moment.

For the time being the PUMA Ocean Racing team is in rest and relax mode. Some time soon though we will start back up and either get the band back together for another run or disperse and look into the crystal ball at our futures. Choices to be made, but for now, the main choice is whether to bump and run with a nine iron or flop shot with a 60 degree wedge. The nine iron is usually the safer bet.

But like all choices, it depends on the lie.
– Kenny

Photo by Sally Collison