iPhone Tactics

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iPhone Tactics

At a fraction of the cost of stand-alone tactical systems, the SailMaster application for the Apple iPhone provides all the information needed to optimize sailing and racing performance. SailMaster was originally designed as an economical tool for experienced sailors to optimize racing performance, but the simplicity and low-cost of the racing application means that sailors of all levels can benefit from SailMaster without a huge cost outlay.

Key performance data is displayed in a clear and easy to read format and has more features than many of the existing devices, yet costs only US$12 to download from the Apple Apps Store. SailMaster was developed with simplicity of use, easy access and low cost in mind and is already being downloaded by sailors globally.

SailMaster provides accurate information on the following:

  • SPEED – in either knots or km/h
  • VMG – Velocity Made Good
  • DIRECTION – expressed as a compass heading.
  • WAYPOINTS/COURSE PLOTTING – using GPS co-ordinates, courses are plotted by setting waypoints which can be saved for future reference. SailMaster indicates the distance and direction to the next waypoint, indicating whether you are sailing closer to, or further away from your next mark.
  • COURSE VARIANCE – indicated in degrees as either a lift (+) or header (-). Key indicator of optimal time to tack
  • ANGLE OF HEEL – displayed in both numeric and chart formats
  • STARTER LINE COUNTDOWN – configurable for a 15, 10, 5 or 3 minute countdown. A warning horn is given on each minute, with dual horns on last minute and beeps every second for last 20 seconds
  • TIDES – displays direction with the time and height of the next full tide

The SailMaster application can be downloaded in minutes from the Apple Apps Store and users can receive all future application upgrades at no extra cost. SailMaster’s clear and simple instructions and Help facility mean that no operation manual is required and no other hardware or software is needed other than the iPhone 3G.

Combining SailMaster with waterproof casing provides the ultimate digital display for boats of all sizes and sailors of all levels of experience.
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