The Quantum Sails "live the Dream" contest is down to its final eight contestants and we’d suggest you go take a look at them and vote for who you think should get it. There are at least three anarchists in the final eight (that’s all?). Pretty good numbers for the contest: over 900 entries; contestants from 42 U.S. states and 63 countries from Angola & Bulgaria to Saipan & Ukraine; oldest entry was 67 and the youngest was 15. Voting will conclude on Thursday 7/16 at 12:00 noon and the winner will be announced on Friday.

One of our Anarchist finalists got this note from her friend about the contest essays:

‘"Your’s was good, but that guy from Turkey died, and came back. He may be Jesus. How can I, in good conscious, refuse Jesus an opportunity to sail on a TP52 in Portugal? Now I know what you’re thinking… first if he really is Jesus why wouldn’t he just use some of Jesus tricks to rig the competition? After all,the guy turned water into wine, but I just don’t think that’d be very Jesusy of him and he seems like a straight shooter. Second, we’re friends and you’d think that’d count for something when it comes to helping a sister get her leg up in this world. Well look out sister because I prefer a good bribe; I’m thinking a foot rub may get you some sort of favor in this competition. Sure, sure a story about a blonde with a rifle and no pants is pretty damn hot but I like to judge these things on credibility not on percent of sexyness. Hell the chick from Spain’s entry rhymed. Rhyming is cool. It’s like rap, she’s like the P-Diddy of sailing. How are you P-Diddyish?"

And be sure to jump in the thread for Big Cup Katie.