Uh, Umm…

follow up

Uh, Umm…

So yesterday we showed you a picture of a Sanata 35 in SD with a pretty awful looking bottom (see Umm…) and as it turns out, there is actually a pretty good story behind it.

Just for the record, the crew of the Santana 35 Spellbinder (my kid’s SDYC coaches! – Ed.) knows all about bottom cleaning and keeping a boat ready to race. The boat and crew are currently doing a little community service by voluntarily participating in a study run by the Port of San Diego testing environmentally friendly bottom paints. Clearly this formula is not working, but they are not allowed to clean or tamper with the bottom in any way for the duration of the test.

Too bad because their finishes were pretty nice before the test began, and it’s rumored that the good looking young woman at the helm last week schooled the fleet by crossing on port at the favored pin end, before the crustaceous stowaways eventually dragged them to the back of the pack!

John Fretwell