big pimpin’


How do the winning Transpac racers do it? In 2007 it was Pyewacket, Kokopelli-2, Cirrus, On the Edge, and Samba Pa Ti. This year it was Criminal Mischief, Flash,  and a host of other top boats that all had one thing in common. They did their homework and then selected the fastest shirts available: The ProwiK and DRYSHIRTs from DryUV. Oh sure, there was some good crew work along with some excellent navigation and well prepared boats but the one thing they all had in common were the fastest shirts available…

You still doubt that they are the fastest shirts available? Here is absolute proof: The DRYSHIRT, ProwiK and brand new Pro-Fit have sold out fast at every event  they have been offered at including but not limited to: Key West Race Week, Newport-Ensenada, Block Island Race Week, Cal Race Week, Whidbey Island Race Week, The NOOD Regatta Series, and many other top events.

If your team or Event is looking for an advantage on and off the water stop by our website to learn more about what makes this line of products the fastest shirts available or call us TOLL FREE +1 (888) DRY-SHIRT ext 1. Intl +1 562 773 0552