On the Horizon

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On the Horizon

From two hours ago…

Could it be any more exciting? Horizon is 6.1nm from the Transpac finish buoy with Allure within 2 boat lengths. We have had one another in sight now for over 36 hours. Since closing in on Molokai we have had no other focus than beating them. On a squall and a shift they got in front of us boat for boat and we are doing everything we know how to do to grind them down…the good news for us is they owe us 2.1 hours. They are 1000 lb lighter and they have slightly larger kites…but we have the coffee grinder. Don’t leave home without one! The channel hasn’t quite lived up to its reputation but as I am writing this it is solid 23+ kts of pressure and we doing solid 14’s with a near sister ship within spitting distance. In all of my races this is shaping up to be the best finish ever. You will have to check the results to see if we can get her with 4.73 nm to go.

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