on board


The last report from the S/C 50 as they zero in on Hawaii…

On the final 24 hours’ish. With Allure 3 nm behind and Ruhatu 3 nm in front of us (with Bruce Cooper, Ullman Sails Newport aboard we have his twin Kenny aboard) we have a very interesting sailboat race going on. We lost some time in the previous 36 hours; some time spent on the wrong board, some time with the wrong sail up, some to issues of differential pressure and squall management. But still we’re holding on. Last night was one of those sailing nights you read about. In trunks, dry deck, 14-22 kts of breeze, not a cloud in the sky, port pole, pointing at the Molokai waypoint preparing for the final approach.

If we can finish before 1300 PDT (1000 HST) this Transpac will be a 10+ day race, and even 11 days isn’t as bad as the 13 day race it was shaping up to be. We will have sailed many extra miles but we were never slow) When we saw a navigation light last night I was sure it was Allure, and I was crushed. Now after roll call life looks better. Not only are they behind us but they owe us a little time on the course (2 hours & 8 minutes). They have a very experienced SC 50 crew aboard and from day 1 I knew they would be the race for the class win. I’m sure on days 1,2,3&4 they figured with a 50+nm deficit we were done, but the weather scenario played out as we expected and back into the hunt we went. Congratulation to Alfa Romeo for breaking the record and also to Criminal Mischief for being the first boat from our Thursday start date to finish, some 24+ hours faster than anything else in its size range. And to my son Erik who is looking to be the 5th boat across the line on Relentless, the modified ID 35, handily winning class 6 – good job…but haven’t you had enough?

Track the fleet here.