Not So Great?


Not So Great?

Not everyone thinks Alfa Romeo’s new Transpac records are so great…

Alfa Romeo’s breaking of the TransPac is newsworthy, but, that a newly constructed 100-foot
sailing-racing machine, designed using the latest technology, suited out with the best equipment
and sails money can buy, and manned by a professional team of round-the-world racers successfully
broke the race record, should not come as a surprise and probably didn’t to you and many others. I
suspect that if someone tallied up the investment Alfa Romeo put into this race they would probably
take line honors in this category as well, something that would be interesting to investigate. So
what does this record represent? A true sailing accomplishment, or the glorification of money, and
the technology and manpower it can buy? Yes, technology advancement is exciting, bigger is
better, and professionals earn my respect. But what it represents is domination by an extremely
wealthy elite team, not anarchy. – Anarchist John.

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