Robbie and Juliet

Robbie and Juliet

A saga of yacht club romance by Ron Shakespeare

It’s a little known fact that sailing writer Ron Shakespeare is a descendant of convict stock.  Ron’s great great grandfather, Eric Shakespeare was transported to Sydney from Stratford in England in 1803.  Along the way Eric became a dedicated yachtsman, having several close encounters with the sea, mostly because he was keelhauled for refusing to accept that convicts did not have the right to “ A few quiet ones after a long day on the water”.

Whilst rounding The Cape of Good Hope, Eric invented the 2 boat length circle rule to avoid the attentions of the French navy.  Whenever a French gunboat came near, Eric could be heard bawling loudly and to a large extent incomprehensibly about giving room.  Given that the Cape is in effect a 500 km wide mark, this was a spectacularly successful tactic. Thinking him insane, quite rightly, both his captors and the French gave him a wide berth – hence the success of the seemingly insane who scream loudest at mark roundings to this day. 

Eric was of course the descendant of another Stratford resident. You guessed it…Terry Shakespeare!!   

And so we come to the works of Ron Shakespeare…