Record Day

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Record Day

En route to crushing the Transpac fleet, the 100′ Alfa Romeo just set the single day record run of 431 miles. That’s all? We kid. As impressive as Alfa has been, no less so have been the boys on Criminal Mischief. Here is today’s report:

We are still smashing along at 18 to 22 knots with a another 316 mile run pointed at the barn door. Congratulations to Alpha for new Transpac days run record
of 431 miles, looks like they will pass us today at some point.

Our weather: 056 direction, 24 knots wind speed. 19 knots BS, 277 heading.

With the high so far east it is keeping the wind more headed for us which is allowing us to bomb at the mark with out having to gybe on the split. In fact, we have not gybed once on this race yet.

As for beating any of the Sunday Starters on corrected time I think our only play is that the high drops south a a bit and stays west so they get light and have long light last thousand miles gybing on the split. OK enough dreaming…

Wait! The fleet must have missed the Amended SI’s that had a waypoint off Guadeloupe Island to starboard like we did. Then we might have a chance….

Time to go get some driving!

Criminals out
Track the fleet here.