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Home Cookin’

Heading towards a class win, the S/C 50 Horizon gives us a peek at life aboard during Transpac courtesy of Boat Mom Jon Shampain.

Day 6 and all is well. We’ve been sailing with the 2A and daisy staysail now for days at a fast angle (145 TWA), hitting 20’s occasionally but keeping the pedal down all the time. Did a rig inspection this morning to deal with a little chafe on the kite halyard and I suspect our victim who went aloft will have a few bruises as he bounced his way to the masthead. The course all of the Thursday starters are having to deal with is a bit more reachy than a traditional TP, we haven’t gybed yet and it looks like it could be 1 and in. It makes finding a passing lane a difficult task. We’ve been rotating thru drivers every hour and 5 of us do the lions share.

The new steering system feels great and changing out the bearings to the self aligning Jafa Bearings is getting high marks from our helmsmen. Too bad we don’t have a new rudder as well, maybe next year. We’ve been eating well, no freeze dried for these prima donnas (Orange County boys, you know)…last night was meat loaf with garden salad a quiche for breakfast (broccoli from my garden) and tonight looks to be a pot roast. You know, the kind your mother cooked with carrots, potatoes and all the fixings!

Passed the half way point in the early AM and we have a little half way party planned later today. My job will be to not let it get out of hand and for those of you who know our group, that can happen very quickly. We are relieved that our southern route did finally pay off, but the high let the boys to the north get through without paying as much as we had hoped. Still a long race and anything can happen.

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