on board


Alfa Romeo, en route to crushing theTranspac, discovers the joy of kelp and other stuff….

Day 3 goes down as the day we reached the Trade Winds. The grey overcast skies have given way to sunshine and the wind has veered round to be east of north and filled in nicely. The down wind Code Zero has been doing good service and the remaining sails are all stacked on the weather rail giving us fast comfortable sailing. Our second days run was just on 400nm and our third should be much better than that. We had to do 2 more back downs today to remove firstly a piece of fishing net from the keel and then a plastic bag from the rudder. These followed one back down on the first day to remove some seaweed from the keel. These back downs are quite costly, but the drag on the boat from not removing the debris would be much worse over the long run. The full moon is out tonight giving wonderful sailing conditions.