Open it Up

Open it Up

Once again proving that the small sporties are one of the only healthy and growing sectors of the sport, Long Beach Race Week attracted 11 Open 5.70s to the line for some great racing in solid breeze. There are pics here, and the report from Jerome Sammarceli:

Long Beach Race Week is one of the biggest events on the Southern California racing calendar. This is the 2nd time that the Open 5.70s have held their first Pacific Coast Championships at this event. The venue is ideally suited to the Open 5.70 with breezy conditions and protected waters inside the extended break water. With only one month since the suceessful Cal Race Week where 8 boats took the start the fleet has already grown to an impressive 11 Opens making it the 2nd largest fleet at Long Beach Race Week (only 2 boats behind the J105 class).

All three days produced some of the best racing the class has ever experienced. The wind picked up early building into the high teens and low twenties by the afternoon. This made the racing all the more exciting as the boats screamed downwind at 10+ knots. Boat handling was key and it was the more expereinced crews that kept things clean in order to stay out in front.

Team Festa put on another great display of sailing collecting only 10 points over a total of 7 races. Racing with his son Tony and his friend Greg, Rich Festa drove the boat to victory making them two time Pacific Coast Champions! Photo by Pat Reynolds.