on board


Yes, another Transpac report, this from Jeff Thorpe onboard Criminal Mischief as they rocket towards Hawaii…

Smashing along is what we are all about right now!! I could not sleep as we are flying off wave after wave – it is really good. We have had one great day of sailing with the A-4 up cruising along at between 19 to 23 knots just lit up this boat – it is a dream to sail in these conditions. Yesterday’s day run was 289 and with the looks of today we might be able to have a 320 to 340 day if the wind keeps up. As of right now we have gone 196 milesin 14 hours from this morning’s check in. Smokin’!

This morning’s standings have put both us and Horizon leading our divisions at the moment. I must say that after the first few days of trying to be patient and not conceding our position while losing mile after mile to the boats north of us might have caused me to grow eve more grey hair!The current stress case for us is if we don’t get lifted the boats to the north will have an opening to correct on us. So we push on full speed ahead waiting for the wind to lift us and square up the course some.

As for the Sunday starters looks like they will have a rhumbline course for sure and it looks like Alfa will smash the course record with ease.

Criminals out