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The boys on Alfa are having their way with the Transpac…

Day 2 dawned grey and stayed that way. The wind kept to schedule, lifting and lightening as we progressed through our sail wardrobe, Heavy, Jib Top, R2 reacher and lastly the downwind Code Zero. We have had work hard to keep Alfa Romeo bowling along quickly with the large variations in pressure and direction as the mean wind changed. These seem to be exaggerated by the huge amount of apparent wind we generate. We have been averaging 16kts boat speed in about 11kts of wind.

Everyone is settling down into the watch system and making the most of the comfortable sleeping conditions knowing that it will get very sticky down below once we hit the trade winds and sunshine. The freeze dried food is better than expected, though we are still making big inroads into the snack food.

We are keeping a watchful eye on the boats that started 6 days before us and we will pass most of them in the next 24hrs. I can only imagine what they are thinking as they see us storming by to the north of them.


Photo is of Ryan Godfrey trimming the down wind Code Zero near dusk.