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Naviguesser Jon Shampain on the SC 50 Horizon gives the skinny on their trip to Hawaii.

Night three, and remind me just why do we do TransPac? Sailing south with little VMG, waiting for the boats to our north and west to slow up under the influence of the high…hasn’t happened yet. We plot all of our days starters 3 times daily, getting updates thru sailmail and the tracking agency being used this year. We’re in good company, near the Criminals, and we know they know the way to Hawaii. Tachyon, a Japanese yacht, Wasabi from Acapulco YC with John Bennet from Newport Ullman aboard and Artemis, ex-Cantata, Ed’s and my old steed from the Pacific Northwest are the others yachts a stones throw away and we’re all remarkably similar in speeds sailing a free leg in the open ocean in these conditions. Sailing with the 1A since setting the kite 12 hours after the start.

We’ve threatened with the Code 0 and 2A a few times but sailing in under 12 kts the 1A has been the call. Sailing thru sail jellyfish, thousands of them floating about, large schools of pigmy dolphins riding the bow, moon nearing full and the flattest seas in memory…oh yea, that’s why we keep coming back. The big boys leave later today at 1300 and they should have a bit better time of it, not having to sail so many extra god awful miles. The next few days will tell all and like we say every day, "it will be interesting at tomorrows roll call".

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