Uh Oh

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Uh Oh

From the R/P 45 Criminal Mischief on the Transpac…

So day 2 brings us light air reaching with the code 1 kite going south, after a fairly painful night with the wind dropping down to 4 knots a couple of times. We have been averaging around 7 to 8 knots of wind speed from NW 322 degrees , Boat speed in the 8 knot range,

Well we tried to be the most south boat but the boats that went east of south look to still have a little stronger pressure than us only time will tell as at some point we all need to spend some time on the edge of this high.

So our current thinking is if this high moves north and slows the boats to the north and we can make some miles west of the boats to the south then thinks should be ok, That’s if the weather does what we are wishing for???

Anyway we are starting to think that we will all lose some lbs this week. Track ’em here.