Zilla Madness

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Zilla Madness

With less than a week left until the expected unveiling of both Alinghi’s and at least some portion of BMW/Oracle’s AC boats, the rumor, information, and disinformation about both boats is reaching fever pitch.  Already today, anarchists from all over the globe are reporting power winches, water ballast, hard sail and soft sail models, capsize-surviving durability, that recurring variable geometry, and that’s just the reasonably credible stuff.  Got a crazy rumor to add to the mix?  Might as well start your own thread in AC Anarchy; it seems that is what everyone else is doing!

Unfortunately, we’ll need to wait a bit longer to see who’s right and who’s crazy, despite Alinghi’s (friendly) media (only) unveiling on July 3rd,  You see, those journalists have all signed confidentiality agreements embargoing their words for a few days after they see it; an old PR trick that gets the writers and their publications top billing around the world, since their stories are polished and ready to go while everyone else is scrambling.  Hopefully, after they wipe Bertarelli’s money shot off their face and dust off their knees, they’ll write something interesting and useful, though we wouldn’t hold our breath.

As for BMW/Oracle, we’ll get up close and personal with them soon enough.